1. "How long do beignets last?"
Beignets are best enjoyed hot & fresh as soon as you receive them. Eat within two hours of purchase!

2. "Can you reheat beignets?"
No; since beignets are fried, they should be enjoyed right away. If you reheat them, they will dry out and get hard.

3. "Do you have a storefront?"
Not yet! We started in Farmer's Markets around the valley. Due to the pandemic, we have shifted our focus to delveries & pop-ups around the valley. We are a mobile company & our schedule changes every week.

4. "How do I get you to come to my neighborhood?"
Message / email us the contact information of your neighborhood coordinator / HOA contact so we can reach out & schedule through the proper channels!

5. "Do you require a minimum for delivery?"
Yes, we require a minimum order of one dozen. Can't eat them all? Share the beignets with someone you love :)

6. "Can I pick my assortment?"
Yes! Feel free to type in what flavors you would like, including the flavor of the month in the Special Instructions box at checkout. Don't forget - If you choose ANY filled beignets, you must choose the filled beignets at checkout!

7. "Can I pick a time for pick-up/delivery?"
Yes! Type in your preferred time in the Special Instructions box at checkout.

8. "When is your schedule released?"
We post our schedule for the upcoming week every Monday. Every week is different!

9. "Why are you primarily in the East Valley?"
We are based out of the East Valley. Since our products are best enjoyed fresh, we travel a limited distance to ensure quality.

10. "Will my beignets be hot when I receive them?"
Yes! At pop-ups we fry on-site & for deliveries we fry and deliver only 4 orders at a time to ensure quality.